Saturday, December 15, 2007

Barnes & Noble reach out to help support Dolly's Imagination Library

Collaboration = Happy Holidays for everyone! December 14, 2007 07:56 AM

Now that my husband and I have wireless in our house, we have the nasty habit of bringing our laptops into bed with us at night and catching up on all of the daily news, celebrity gossip, and posting activity to our facebook and MySpace pages. Last night, I was catching up on Minnesota news, and I read a snippet in the St. Cloud Times about the United Way partnering with a local Barnes and Noble for a day--when items were purchased at Barnes and Noble while using a special voucher, 10-25% of the purchase price went to the Imagination Library project. While these two organizations are on the larger scale of things, the collaboration between the two during the holidays can be inspirational for every organization, including libraries.
This holiday season, try to collaborate as much as possible with local businesses/organizations to make a positive impact in your community. Partner with the local food bank in your area and make your location a collection hub. Volunteer for an evening at a local shelter. If you are in the Rochester area, get together with other local organizations to bake cookies for the Gift of Life Transplant House and the Ronald McDonald House or take a group field trip the Mayo Eugenio Litta Children's Hospital (located within St. Mary's) and read to the little ones who can't make it to the regular story hours at the library. All of the little things count. I have found that every library staff person I have encountered is incredibly passionate about his/her job and is completely devoted to serving the needs of library patrons. This holiday season, let's open our hearts and serve the needs of our entire community. Happy Holidays!

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