Thursday, December 20, 2007

Logo Television's Jake...meets Dolly in the UK!

"Islands in the stream, that is what they are..." Jake and Dolly get close! Photo courtesy of Dave King/
Sometimes it seems like all the good TV comes from England. Doctor Who, Ab Fab, Graham Norton... And the Brits seem to crank out endless cool music/rock documentaries, too. On December 26th, folks in the UK get a belated Xmas gift when T4 airs “When Jake Met Dolly” in which “the excitable Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears fulfills a lifelong ambition by meeting his heroine Dolly Parton, the legendary Queen of Country!” Ummm... When do we get to see this Stateside, eh?
In the special, evidently Jake and Dolly hang out in her bedroom, they discuss her life and career and take “an eye-popping winter wonderland walk through her camp-as-Christmas travelling wardrobe.” Not fair! I wanna see...
Evidently Dolly was in England promoting her new tour (her new album Backwoods Barbie is due in February) and launching the UK arm of her children’s charity project, “Imagination Library.” Attagirl, Dora Lee!
Here’s a clip of Jake and Dolly, and there's another after the jump. They talk about gayness and boobs! Fine and dandy...

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