Monday, December 3, 2007

UK in spin and Dolly isn't even there yet!

Country and western superstar Dolly Parton has infuriated a group of English local councillors by forcing them to delay their regular meeting when she visits this week.
Parton is travelling to Rotherham in South Yorkshire to launch her children's literacy program, Imagination Library, on Wednesday.
But some independent and Conservative councillors are outraged that Parton's visit will mean they have to delay by one hour a full meeting of Rotherham borough council so civic leaders can meet her.
"I'm boycotting the lunch and I am outraged that democracy is being put on hold because of a celebrity," independent councillor Tony Mannion told The Times.
"I have nothing against Dolly Parton. Not that I know much about her except that she sang 9 to 5.
"That's about the top and bottom of my knowledge. And I think the literacy scheme is a good idea.
"My objection is over the timing. We have vital business to discuss, for example the siting of a power station in the middle of a nature reserve. And we have few enough council meetings as it is."
Mr Mannion said he believed Parton was invited to the town because the Labour-led council leader Roger Stone was quite partial to her country and western charms.
"I suppose my complaints will fall on deaf ears and that some might say it's a storm in D-cup, or double D-cup," Mr Mannion said.
"But it's the principle."