Tuesday, April 1, 2008

S.D. Professionals, LLC Makes TV Debut On American Idol

S. D. Professionals, LLC owner Jacob Timmons isn’t appearing as a contestant on American Idol this week but, with the help of super star Dolly Parton, his work will be seen on the popular talent showcase just the same. Timmons, owner of the Sevierville based media design company, was contacted by representatives from American Idol to create the visual animation for Parton’s appearance on episodes airing this week. “It isn’t every day you see American Idol on caller ID!” Timmons laughed.On Tuesday night, Sevier county’s hometown celebrity is sharing her wisdom and years of performance experience with the Idol finalists celebrating her music. Parton will be performing her new hit “Jesus and Gravity” live during the elimination phase of the show Wednesday evening. No coincidence that the Fox network staff looked to Timmons for artistic visual interpretation when planning Dolly’s Idol debut. S. D. Professionals, LLC designed and maintains Parton’s new web site, as well as her Imagination Library web site and book order system, The artist also recently produced the video content for Parton’s new 2008 Backwoods Barbie World Tour which kicks off this month. Timmons’ work opens the famous show tonight and he looks forward to seeing “S. D. Professionals, LLC” roll by on the credits.“We are thrilled to be part of the evening”, says Timmons, “and feel Dolly will have a little bit of Sevierville there with her”! Local residents can enjoy the same affordable services as the successful Fox network by contacting S. D. Professionals, LLC at or by calling 865-774-9023.