Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 Million Books To Tennessee

The Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation (GBBF) and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library are celebrating a significant milestone: more than 10 million free books have been delivered to Tennessee children in all 95 counties since the program began in 2004, developing their vocabulary, school readiness and a love of learning.

Currently, more than 214,000 Tennessee children under the age of five (57 percent) in all 95 counties are receiving an age appropriate, high quality book delivered each month to their home. More than 170,000 children have graduated from the program since 2004.
Locally, the Friends of the Library is the sponsor for the free monthly books from birth to age 5, with around 40% of the county’s eligible children enrolled. There are 437 children receiving the books and 418 have graduated after reaching age 5. The local program began in March 2005. To enroll a Polk County child, contact Jan Lycans at 496-1267 or Jenny Rogers at 338-7669, or register online at
The milestone comes on the heels of the announcement that Tennessee is one of just two states awarded funding in the first round of President Obama’s Race to the Top competition, recognizing our state’s forward thinking in education reform and changing the way the nation views Tennessee’s commitment to education. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a part of that commitment, giving all Tennessee children access to free books and encouraging a lifetime of learning.

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