Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Finding New Audience on Social Network

PIGEON FORGE, TN – Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has long been using social networks to create an audience for means of spreading awareness, but they have never had a viewership like this. The Imagination Library, chosen by Google for Nonprofits as a feature charity for December, is gaining extra attention on blogs and the new social network, Google+ pages for Nonprofits.
As part of their #CauseILoveEm campaign, Google is encouraging users to share their favorite charity with others and get involved with the cause on Google+ pages for Nonprofits.

Jacob Timmons, President of S.D. Professionals, LLC., has long been involved with the Imagination Library and oversees the Google+ project. Timmons stated, “It took a lot of hard work to be ready for Google+ and to see such a positive response so quickly is very exciting.”
Looking at the month in terms of big picture exposure Timmons says, “We should easily get added to several thousand new Google+ circles during the campaign but the real success is that now we’ve also been on Google’s Blog, which has over 500,000 readers.” Even greater than that, the Library is generating buzz throughout the Google world – an estimated audience of 1 billion visitors per month!
Within the social network, the page for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has become a place for users to gather information, share successes, and even “hangout”. Each day, the Library presents an inspiring story from their “Imagination Moments” series – giving a personal glimpse into the lives of families positively influenced by books from the Imagination Library. Viewers can vote on their favorite story rewarding the winner’s local library with a $500 donation from Timmons’s S.D. Professionals, LLC.

The Imagination Library sends one book each month to a registered child until the month of their 5th birthday. The program, which began in Parton’s hometown of Sevierville, TN in 1996, has now given nearly 40,000,000 books to children spanning the United StatesUnited Kingdom and Canada.
“We’ve seen tremendous growth over the years,” said David Dotson, President of The Dollywood Foundation, “and this is just the next step – being able to reach new people in new areas and grow the Imagination Library even more.”